How To Care For Dementia Patients At Home

Aug 10,  · Remove scuffs with oil or WD Vinyl flooring is infamous for getting scuffed, but luckily there's an easy way to remove them. Place jojoba oil or WD on a soft cloth, and use it to rub the scuff marks. If the scuffs are simply on the surface of the floor, they'll rub right off. Scratches are deeper than scuffs, and they won't just rub away.

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Jul 20,  · For example, you may find a tube of lipstick or ballpoint pen that was accidentally left in a pocket that stained the washer or dryer. (Remember to empty the pockets of your laundry, too.) Remove random laundry: You may also find leftover clothing. Just one red sock can bleed onto an entire load of clothes. Remove the clothing and leave it in.